Fish and a noisy lunch

Not satisfied with eating them, we also went and visited some fish at the aquarium. I thought the aquarium was a bit expensive. I also thought the seafood platter was a bit expensive given how much work was required to get anything edible out of it.

However, the Catalan custard creme was pretty lush…if I ignored the orange segments on the bottom.

Possibly the worst thing about lunch was the guy with the drill putting down new planking along the front of the Maremagnum. It really annoyed Mirinda. As I told her, if you want the work to stop, you have to let them know you’ll be coming for lunch (and the time) in order for them to change the work schedule around you. She humph’ed…as she does.

In the morning we’d been to Park Guell which Mirinda loved, of course. I’ve written about it before so I’ll not repeat myself. Suffice it to say there were about a million more tourists there this time. I don’t know why. It was bad enough that Mirinda had to beat up an old Chinese lady in order to get this photo of her with mum’s beloved Drogan.

There was a bit of a problem with the washerwoman as well because there was a temporary fence erected next to her. A gaggle of workmen were doing stuff above her. Another gaggle, this time of Japanese tourists, were trying to get a decent photo of the washerwoman which excluded the workmen. I reckoned the workmen gave the scene a little brevity it was otherwise lacking.

Other than those things, all was well and we had a jolly good wander around before stopping for a coffee at the cafe where I was royally entertained by the counter staff as they sang and danced a samba while preparing my drinks.

Back at the Placa Catalunya, we tried to get a cup of tea at the place where mum and I went (not the breakfast place, the other place) but someone with a jack hammer was tearing up the Starbucks next door and this was way too much for Mirinda. We left before ordering. The waitress seemed to understand.

We then strolled down to the harbour where we joined the hordes taking the air across the wooden bridge.

After lunch, as I said, we headed over to the aquarium to check out the fish. The best bit was easily the moving footway that passed inside the big fish tank where sharks and rays swam around our heads. That was pretty cool.

The rest was just a load of fish in tanks if you ask me. And the penguins should really be released into the wild because they sure didn’t look too happy where they were.

After the usual siesta, we went out for what was, for me anyway, the highlight of the day. We went to the Basilica Santa Maria del Pi to see a concert by the wonderful guitarist Ekaterina Zaytseva. Truly brilliant. Her skills with her guitar are sublime. It was a magical hour.

Afterwards (10:15-ish) we went for dinner at the same tapas place that we did last night. We had the same table. We had almost the same tapas. It was perfect.

Oh, I almost forgot, here’s today’s video…

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2 Responses to Fish and a noisy lunch

  1. Mirinda says:

    At last I’ve met the famous drogan having heard so much about him from Josie

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Thank you for patting him for me bit worried he might have forgoton me lol as I watched you walking around up the top I kept saying sit on that one where I sat. I love the videos makes me feel like I am with you both.Shame you had workman with all the drills ect. Hope it didn’t spoil it to much.
    Love mum xxxx

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