Emma’s delight

Given I have nothing particularly pressing this week, I decided to go to the gym again this morning. And so much for the January Effect. The numbers were almost back to normal. We’ll see what happens next Monday.

According to Mirinda, I need to do at least 150 minutes of cardio exercise a week. This week I’ve managed 180 so well on the way to a long and healthy rest of my life…with working legs.

Then, just before lunch, there was a big surprise for the girls.

The usual postman knock at the front door caused Emma to go into a yapping frenzy. She skidded on the front door mat, collided with the door, not bothering to stop her barking. Freya, confused but happy to join in the general melee, was jumping pointlessly next to her pretending she knew what was going on.

I opened the front door and the dogs immediately stopped their noise as they realised who it was. The postman held a finger up and said sit. Both of them sat and waited for the inevitable treats. Emma took hers into the hall while Freya couldn’t wait that long. The postman then handed me the mail, which included a parcel.

The parcel was addressed to E & F Cook so I handed it to Emma to open which she started to do in her usual rip and ravage manner. When she found what was inside she went a bit mad.

An elephant! Just what I’ve always wanted!

Mum had sent them a couple of new toys to replace the old Mutant Faceless Bear which has been reduced to nothing but a piece of ragged fur. Once Emma was completely occupied with the elephant, I gave the old bear a decent burial…in the bin. The new Mutant Faceless Bear went into the toy box for when the elephant is consigned to the traditional Elephant Burial Ground.

While the parcel was all that Emma could think about for the rest of the day (there was no walk because of the persistent rain) she was momentarily surprised by the appearance of snow.

It had been forecast to arrive in Surrey at about 5pm following a day of rain. What actually happened was the snow arrived in Surrey at 5pm following a day of rain. Sometimes the Met Bureau amazes me with its accuracy. The amazement possibly comes from them being so totally wrong most of the time.

While Emma gave it a brief glance between elephant games, Freya stood at the glass door and stared for a bit. She wasn’t sure. She went outside at one stage but it was too cold underfoot and she quickly returned.

Sadly the snow didn’t stick around very long because the temperature wasn’t low enough but it did gather on the terrace furniture for a while.

The white stripes are falling snow

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    That’s great I thought Emma would like the elephant she can grab the nose lol. They keep showing us the snow on the news boy wish I was in the cold this heat is knocking a lot of people I am managing some how. Love mum xxxx

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