The January Effect

There’s snow been forecast for tomorrow afternoon. And freezing conditions. And rain. And wind. Probably not going to be very nice it’s safe to say.

Not that it was any of those things today. The sky was a sort of limpid blue with very slight cirrus clouds white washed across it. The temperature was mild for this time of year. In fact I wore a fleece to the gym but didn’t put it back on for the rest of the day.

Of course there was a slight, every-now-and-then breeze which reminded me it was January in the Northern Hemisphere but this didn’t happen very often.

In the park we had a jolly romp. Well, Emma and I did. Freya is still on the lead, being picked up every time a dog draws near. Sue suggested I just leave her at home but I really can’t bring myself to do that. So I keep her on her lead.

Actually I let her off for a bit today because I couldn’t see any dogs. She immediately raced off, heading for her favourite copse (yes, she has one). We both spotted the other dog at the same time. I started calling her. She looked at me, looked at the other dog and stayed put. This set me into Full Panic Mode.

I started striding towards her (she was at least 200 yards away) calling and cajoling. Finally she decided returning to me was better than waiting for the dog that was rapidly approaching. So rapid, in fact, that they both reached me at the same time.

The other dog was a bitch. Panic over, I put Freya back on her lead and told her she wasn’t running free again given she can’t be trusted. She clearly didn’t understand the impact.

Emma, of course, was only concerned with her ball…as usual.

Something else that reminded me it was January was the amount of people at the gym this morning (and Monday). There’s generally about five of us but this morning there was about 20, especially striding along the treadmills to nowhere. It was by no means crowded but it felt quite odd having so many people walking in a row.

Mirinda calls it The January Effect: The effect of too much Christmas cheer and the consequential effect of New Year’s resolutions. Maybe she’s right. I’ll see how long it lasts.

Squirrel Tree panno

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2 Responses to The January Effect

  1. Mirinda says:

    They’ll be gone by march I bet!

  2. Mum Cook says:

    I bet they don’t make it be gone by Feb lol. Poor Freya how long does it last. its 35 here.
    would love some snow. love mum xxxxx

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