Annoyance of Aquifers

Farnham Park is just a covering for a massive underwater lake. The rain sits on the ground and gradually seeps down, through the chalk, purifying as it goes, and slowly drips into the lake. The lake is then slowly emptied through openings into the land. These openings are (generally) the beginnings of streams and rivers. If memory serves me right, I think this is how the Thames starts. This is all very good and ensures an excellent supply of freshly cleaned water to the surrounding countryside.

In winter, when there’s a lot of rain, the ground is very squishy under foot and there’s a lot of mud. This is because the ground is saturated, meaning the rate of absorption is too slow to allow all the water through at once. And so there’s a lot of it left around. Eventually this does seep through, leaving lush green hills and solid ground.

It is a very important part of nature’s cycle of life, ensuring that rainwater is spread out across a greater area rather than just drench one spot. However, the wonder of the aquifer is what causes it’s greatest annoyance.

Today, Carmen decided we would visit the oak tree walk. We were unable to walk up it directly due to the fact that, where it wasn’t knee deep mud, it was flowing streams of rainwater. All three of us were very muddy by the time we returned home. Combine that with Day-z’s FSI (which I think was ‘baby’ rather than ‘fox’) and you can imagine our bathtub.

Still…the avenue of trees looked good:

Avenue of Trees, Farnham Park

I always like this view, knowing there’s a castle at the other end. It’s always regardless of the season. It invites you in. Just like the Hop Blossom pub!

The Hop Blossom, Farnham

Given the beautiful blue sky behind it, I couldn’t resist taking this photo this morning. Farnham was well known for its hops. They were first introduced shortly before 1600 and by the 1800s were considered the best in the country! This pub is one of the few reminders remaining.

But enough about Farnham! I need to talk about Aldershot.

Last night, of course, was the first Nicktor Night for ages and, to celebrate, we went to see Aldershot play Bradford. I did not have high hopes. The Shots have not had the best of seasons so far and only last week they sacked the manager (Kevin Dillon) and replaced him with a new one (Dean Holdsworth).

Clearly this was the thing to do as they came out fighting, completely dominating the first half. They played like a team that wanted to rise above being third from the bottom of the table. At half time it was 1-0 and Bradford didn’t look like getting a look in.

The second half, Aldershot slipped back into their sloppy habit of the wayward passes to anyone wearing an opposition shirt. Fortunately (for us, not Bradford) our back line held strong and managed to defy anything Bradford tried to throw at us. Even the 70 foot giant they had on their team.

It was a satisfying game and we enjoyed the win. Back at home, we watched one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s called…actually, I don’t think I’ll even bother naming it. It was appalling. The writer/director/editor wanted to recreate a 1980s horror flick (you gotta ask why) and did so very effectively. So effectively, it was just crap.

Although the film was rubbish, we had a lovely Nicktor Night, consumed too much whisky and went to bed far too late. Poor Nicktor had an important day of meetings and presentations after very little sleep. I haven’t heard how he went. Hopefully he managed.

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2 Responses to Annoyance of Aquifers

  1. Mum Cook says:

    You did not say what Nicktor thought of his Brass Rasso.
    That’ s good Aldershot won.
    love mum

  2. admin says:

    Nicktor was almost asleep when I gave it to him. He said thank you and sounded pleased. I shall find out or he can comment himself.


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