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Hannah Dadds died today five years ago. Hannah was the very first female Tube train driver in London.

Possibly more important, 93 years ago, Wadsworth’s 6X was born. So happy birthday to the best beer in the world. Sad to say I didn’t have any 6X at home so had to make do with London Pride.

Mirinda was working from home today getting as much hygge as she could. After the gym, I took my time in Farnham.

After leaving the bus I thought it best that I took a photo of the Marlborough Head. It was the victim of a compulsory purchase order as part of the never-ending East Street Redevelopment Debacle. The idea is to keep the building but change the usage. Probably a collection of designer shops or, ironically, a pub.

Because they’re just working inside, there’s no hoarding or scaffolding. All the ground floor windows, however, have been filled in with sheets of perforated steel. I assume it’s to prevent the glass being smashed but it gives the place the air of desolation one normally gets in more deprived areas. I’m wondering how long it will be before the steel is covered in graffiti.

Marlborough Head

Marlborough Head

Given I’m posting the calendars tomorrow I decided to pop into the post office for the customs stickers and air mail stamps. The place was packed. It was like a crowded tube train only worse. Let’s hope it’s better tomorrow when I actually have to spend some time in there.

I also went to Robert Dyas for some removable hooks for the lights to go across the back sliding doors. Actually, I have plenty of hooks and really only need the sticky bits. Unfortunately, you can only buy the sticky bits in packs of four. It worked out cheaper to buy packs of the hooks and sticky bits. That’s a bit silly.

I was stood at the Borough waiting for the bus when it turned the corner. I walked towards the stop and stood in line. When the bus doors opened, a couple of ladies approached from the opposite direction. I gestured they should get on first.

LADY: Ah, the Age of Chivalry is alive and well I see.
ME: Barely alive and not so well!
LADY: Oh dear. Here, let me give you a hand.

We were both joking and had a jolly good laugh.

At home, I set to fixing up the lighting mistake I made yesterday. I swapped out a set on my office, replacing them with the remaining icicle lights and threaded the remaining acorn coloured lights through the Higgledy Piggledy Palisade.

It’s difficult to make them all out but this is what it looks like from the kitchen with everything on.


I’ll try for a better photo tomorrow with camera and tripod.

For dinner, I made berenjenas and they were the best yet! I’m getting very good at them.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I am still laughing another lady like me, that is such a lovely building hope it all turns out good in the end . Your lights look so pretty how can it get better.
    Love mum xxxx


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