Buses and trains

Today I saw the neurologist. As well as having to catch four buses and two trains, I also wound up being at the hospital an hour early. The reason for this was because I’d added the appointment to my electronic calendar in Brittany. It was then corrected when we returned to the UK. So it was hour early. Fortunately it wasn’t an hour late!

Guildford Station - cross to bus stop

Guildford Station – cross to bus stop

Anyway, the results are very good…though they don’t explain anything about my feet. (In passing, he thinks my knee problem is physiological and probably because I overdid things at the gym.) It seems that my brain is fine (good to hear) and my spinal cord shows normal wear and tear and will last me out. The thing is, while both of those things are great news, nothing explains my feet.

Nuffield Health, Guildford

Nuffield Health, Guildford

The neurologist says that 50% of his cases are easily solved and sent on their way; 45% of his cases require a test to ascertain the cause and then they’re fixed and sent on their way; I am one of the lucky 5%. This special group requires more tests than are available in order to rule everything out before heading for a second opinion.

Bus stop back to Guildford

Bus stop back to Guildford

What this means is that I’m off for a fasting blood test and a chest x-ray next week. Brilliant.

My collection of tickets for today

My collection of tickets for today

And my knee continues to bother me. I tried to make an appointment with the doctor but need to call first thing in the morning to try for one of the stand-by slots.

Oh, and Angelina announced her intention to divorce Brad today. Radio 4 listeners were stunned when it was announced on PM as a news item.

I could just hear them muttering: Really? Hollywood divorce is suddenly news? What is the BBC coming to?

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    HAHAHA Yes I agree it is everywhere as if they are the only ones anyway who cares. Well I don’t know if that was good news or half good news he didn’t say he could cure you and as you said nothing about your feet I suppose we wait for the next lot of news. Love mum xxxxx

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