Laze day

I was ordered to rest my leg today. Mirinda even drove me up to the shops to get the groceries. I didn’t go to Starbucks.

Mirinda had book group today so she wasn’t at work. She went and collected the puppies at 10:30 then set off for Chawton after a salad lunch.

Seeing the puppies was, as usual, lovely. They really are the best bit of coming home. Mirinda was hoping to take them for a walk…but it was raining.

I pottered around the house but, basically, didn’t do anything much. A trip up and down the stairs takes me a lot longer than usual so, although I did finish all the washing, it took me longer to put the clean clothes away afterwards. This took most of the day.

I’m off to see the neurologist tomorrow to see what my MRI says about my insides. I’ll ask him about my knee.

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