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Today was all about Mirinda finishing off a journal article she’s presently writing along with one of her teachers from the Uni where she’s studying her DBA. Obviously I was helping with the bibliography, citations and required formatting. And I have to say, it was very pleasant working in her office.

Elsewhere…I was reminded this morning of why I prefer Starbucks to just about anywhere else for my coffee. I know a lot of people have problems with the way Starbucks avoid tax but, when it comes down to it, I am more concerned with receiving good service than whether they are cheating the taxman.

Speaking of which: I mean, seriously, is there anyone on the planet who wouldn’t avoid paying taxes if they could avoid them? Honestly?

The problem with people who complain about big corporations, like Starbucks, is they seem to think that the big corporation is a sentient entity rather than just a big company made up of humans. The big corporations have stockholders who own shares in the big corporation. These stockholders, on the whole, are just ordinary people who have invested their savings in a business portfolio that will include big corporations.

The more money made by the big corporation, therefore, the more money flows back to the shareholders in the form of dividends which can be a much better return than bank interest (especially in Japan where bank interest is negative). Many of these shareholders are pensioners either individually or via a managed fund of some sort. The fact that they receive dividends then reduces their pension payment from the government, at least in countries where the pensions are taxed above certain earning thresholds.

I guess then that people who complain about Starbucks not paying enough tax are really complaining about pensioners having a slightly better standard of living…which I find quite harsh.

Anyway, I was talking about the quality of service at Starbucks. This morning I went into Nero and was served by the beardy guy. While he was making my coffee another, younger barista returned from cleaning tables and was immediately told to rearrange the pastries. Then two girls walked in and queued behind me.

The second barista, had he been in Starbucks, would have stopped what he was doing and served the two girls as soon as they arrived but not, it seems, in Nero. Apparently, the pastry distribution was far more important. In fact, it would be fair to say that the younger barista ignored the two girls behind me.

And it wasn’t as if the young barista was a trainee because Nero trainees wear a ‘trainee barista’ t-shirt for easy identification and his did not read as such.

Then an older chap entered Nero behind the two girls and took up a waiting position. You’d think that this would spur the young barista into some sort of non-pastry related action…but it didn’t. By this time my coffee was ready and I left the bar as the beardy guy, cheerfully asked the girls what they’d like. The young barista was still working on the pastries.

Mind you, at least they’re not as bad as Costa though they seem to have something right because people still go there regardless of how badly they’re treated. People can very odd sometimes.

And I am so looking forward to Starbucks re-opening.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    When I worked in the shop called John Quality at 14 and the Mr Lurance who was my boss always said the customers must come first and if he saw one of us women doing something else and a customer standing there waiting to be served he would have sacked us on the spot. but it never happened because one of us always got there to serve very quick. I bet you are looking forward to Starbucks reopening.
    Love mum xx

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