Do you come with the house?

I’m sure it’s happened to most people. You make a little pointless quip in passing; something that might be mildly funny heard in context. It tends to just pop into one’s head and exits the mouth with unrehearsed perfection. Generally it gets a lighthearted laugh or, at the very least, a grin. Most of the time these things pass without incident and everyone concerned just moves on with their lives. Sometimes you don’t even hear what’s been said but the sound is enough for you to realise it was meant to be mildly humorous.

It seems, however, that not everyone is so switched on to the way the world socially works. On the other hand, some people are very clued up.

I’d taken Gail and Glenn up to Farnham Castle (which Glenn now calls Cook Castle) and I was going on and on about what things meant and why they were like they were when a Canadian chap came up to us and said “You seem to know a lot about castles.” I was a bit worried because I thought he was going to ask me something tricky like where did they keep the musical instruments?

“I was wondering whether you’d know a more complete castle close by that we could visit,” He asked.

I suggested Windsor which Gail and Glenn backed up given they’d recently been there. I also suggested Arundel but I think we sold him on Windsor.

From the Castle Keep

From the Castle Keep

After the castle we strolled down Castle Street just in time for opening hours at the Nelson Arms (which Glenn started calling Gary’s Pub after I told him it was my favourite) so we had to go in for a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Glenn LOVED the pub. As most of my family know, the Nelson Arms is a lovely town pub with brilliant atmosphere, cute history and superb beer. I say ‘most of my family’ because every time someone visits I take them there.

We then went for a stroll around Farnham, stopping briefly at Gail’s for some fresh bread. Well, I was getting bread, Glenn was intent on taking photos of everything about the shop, particularly one photo from the outside with Gail pointing at the sign and me pointing at her. Glenn had a lot of fun with the young girl serving us as well.

I also took them to Starbucks. I had to because it was the last time they’ll be open for two weeks as they are redesigned. Sue asked me what I’ll do while they’re shut. I told her I’ll lock myself in a cellar until they open again. I think she knew I was joking.

After a short shop for lunch at Waitrose, we headed back home where Mirinda had finished Skyping. We had lunch then headed out to Chawton to visit with Jane.

While we were in the house (in the Library to be exact) a jovial type of chap entered behind us and, noticing an older lady sitting immovable on the only chair in the place available for sitting, said “Do you come with the house?”

We smiled at this silly joke. The woman, however didn’t change her expression. She sort of looked at him with a quizzical expression on her face. He repeated his silly question but her face remained unmoved. In fact, her brow scrunched up as if she was trying to understand the basics of speech and said “Did I come to the house?”

The man was really regretting his flippancy as he tried to back out of the room. Still, in for a penny…he repeated his question once more. But her face remained the same.

On the other hand, my face was threatening to explode as my grin fought to become a good belly laugh. I had to leave the room and with great delight told Mirinda what had happened. It was very funny.

Apart from that, we all enjoyed wandering around Jane’s House before heading across the road to the Grey Friar pub where we discovered that Glenn never takes the photos off of his camera. Some of the pictures go back to 1857!

In the beer garden, Glenn reviews his photos from the last ten years

In the beer garden, Glenn reviews his photos from the last ten years

All was lovely and pleasant in the beer garden until the rain started. And didn’t stop. We moved under a less than adequate shelter before going back to the car for the trip back. They then went back to their pub for a rest before we all went to Bel and the Dragon for dinner.

We had a lot of fun with the waitress (she was such a good sport, we personally slipped a tip into her hand as we were leaving) and a delicious meal. Naturally I had an espresso Martini.

It was an excellent day.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I was remembering my trip to Jane’s house and could see it all, a lovely day out bet Mirinda thinks all the family are mad, so far everyone she has met is. another great day
    Love mum xxx


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