Tea in a g-string

First thing this morning, as Sue and Grace were opening Starbucks, they were approached by a man wearing nothing but a yellow g-string. He was their first customer and wanted a cup of tea. Sue said he looked perfectly normal, the sort of customer who would come in dressed in a suit and tie. He took his tea and left without any explanation. A very odd start to their day.

When I asked Grace where he kept his money she said she didn’t know, she’d kept her eyes averted for most of the transaction. When I suggested there was only one place he could have kept it she went a bit pale. I think she wanted to wash her hands in very hot water. Possibly for the rest of the day.

Back at home we are slowing vanishing beneath a mountain of surplus eggs so last night Mirinda chose a cake for me to make today. Her choice was a hazelnut cake. This cake has no flour, using ground up hazelnuts and very fluffy eggs instead.

After rising beautifully it sunk just before finishing. I think this was because of my insistence on yelling ‘JUMP’ at Freya when it comes time to feeding them lunch. Stupid, stupid Gaz.

Anyway, rise or not, the cake turned out lovely. It sort of tasted like hazelnut macaroon with a chocolate/coffee filling. The beauty was it wasn’t too sweet.

We are in need of some plants for the terrace edge that runs parallel with Dave and Gail’s fence – Mirinda calls it the Rat Run for reasons I think it unwise to go into. The thing is, the space is long and narrow, and doesn’t get a lot of sun or water. So, off to the garden centre we went.

While we didn’t find any plants for the Rat Run we managed to find this little lot:


That’s my week sorted then…

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  1. Pirate Lady says:

    Now I’d like to wash my hands and have a slice of that cake!

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