Kop that!

This morning it rained. Just a little bit but enough to pockmark the snow that still sits thick upon the ground. Though, having seen Lorna’s photographs of Fargo, I’m not sure we can really call what we had, snow. In Fargo, it reached the second storey of houses. Here it was a foot at the most. The temperature has risen a bit too, so everything is becoming slush.

Last night, Nicktor & I went down to the Six Bells again, had a meal and then watched the FA Cup replay between Liverpool and Reading. It was not what you’d call exciting football. We were sat with a Liverpool supporter who was upset when it was 1-1 at full time. Liverpool’s passing was sloppy and poor and Reading were playing a hard and fast game with wonderful defence. A couple of times Reading should have scored but didn’t. As I said, it was far from exciting. When the score was 1-0 to Liverpool, one Reading fan appeared to be leaving the ground (wanting to beat the rush, presumably) and missed the second goal AND extra time! Ha! Serves them right.

At full time we decided to leave and watch the extra time back at the house, as did the Liverpool supporter, who had some odd ideas about good restaurant food. He claimed that if he was given a plate that wasn’t hot, he would send it back to the kitchen. In fact, because he worked in the catering trade, he was so used to it that at home he would send his wife’s meals back to the kitchen if the plate wasn’t hot.

Anyway, the game ended with Reading winning 1-2. And, oddly enough, Reading players scored all three goals – the first being an own goal. The commentators were all over the result calling Reading minnows. Now I can understand if a team is three or four divisions below a premiership team you can call THEM minnows but Reading is only in the Championship. I think they were trying to talk the match up because it was so dreary.

After the game we watched Sid & Nancy (Nicktor’s choice) so it was another late night. Though we didn’t drink as much as the night before: it was hard enough staying awake as it was.

And so Nicktor spent another night and then pootled off to work this morning. My day was spent on my essay and general housework in preparation for Mirinda’s return tomorrow night. Finally. She’s been gone nearly two weeks and has yet to see the snow. Fortunately there is still plenty of it around. Though not as much as Fargo.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well that will be good to have your other half back for a while and I bet Dawn thought her other had decided to move in with you hahahah. Whats Sid and Nancy we dont have that one,but we did get a new one last night called Getting On in a Geriatrics ward so funny have you seen it. Love mum xx

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