Gove removal

I have to wonder if Michael Gove was stitched up. After Cameron said he’d quit as PM there was a bit of a rush for his job. Everyone figured Boris would go for it but then he was stabbed in the back by co-Brexit pal, Gove. After the first round of voting for a new leader it ended up being between Gove, Home Secretary Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom who no-one had heard of. There followed a lot of chat about the fight being between two women if Gove was voted out.

In the next round of voting it was clear that Gove was not fancied. The voting was: Theresa May 199, Andrea Leadsom 84 and Michael Gove 46. So, no more Michael Gove in the PM race. Then, in a huge turn-about, Andrea pulled out of the race today leaving the job in Theresa’s hands without the need for another round of voting.

Cameron then announced he’d be handing the Queen his resignation on Wednesday and Theresa could move into Number 10 on Wednesday night. A week may be a long time in politics but today was phenomenal.

The main thing to take away from this, of course, is that it’s very difficult to trust someone who can only be trusted to be deceitful. Personally I’m glad because I haven’t liked Michael Gove following his education changes and the U-turn he had to make when he realised the entire country thought he was an idiot. So the thought that he could be Prime Minister was an extremely appalling one.

Anyway, that all happened this morning and makes me think that there must be some extremely hearty laughter going on somewhere in Whitehall.

There was a bit of laughter in Farnham Park today but it was only because poor Emma lost her tennis ball to a gun dog. Poor Emma. She looked at the dog then at me then back to the dog. Her tail didn’t know whether to wag appealingly or to curl between her legs. She ran after the gun dog but it completely ignored her so she came back to me. It was pitiful.

The gun dog owner grabbed the ball and gave it back to me turning Emma’s frown upside down. She should have been happy because the park looked lovely…for a while.


The sun was out, streaming between the trees of the Avenue as we walked along it. It managed to hide the approaching grey clouds as well as look lovely.

At one end of the trees we found this strange wreath shaped pile of chipped tree. Freya was as confused as I was. It looked like it had been moulded out of one of those round cake tins with the hole in the middle. Very odd.


We rarely see dangerous looking dogs in the Park so I thought I’d mention the pit bull type dog I saw today. It was running around, chasing a Frisbee thrown by one of three children. It appeared completely playful and safe but something about it made me keep the girls close to me until it was gone. This was more difficult with Freya as she just wants to be friends with every dog she sees. Of course Emma just chases the ball wherever I throw it.

When the rain started we were almost home. We managed to make the shelter of the house with just a light battering of falling drops. Then it poured. And poured. It was also very windy which made the pouring worse.

The rain kept up for quite a while. It stopped on occasion, as if taking a breather, then would come crashing down again.

I spent the afternoon preparing the Green Room for Bob who’ll be staying with us tomorrow night.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Ho poor Emma good she got her ball back and the avenue of trees looks beautiful. Why didn’t Bob sleep in my bed ?
    Love mum xxxxx

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