Moving day

There is a reason we always use removalists. I’d forgotten. I quickly remembered.

Today mum & dad moved from Golden Beach to Kawana Island. From the second floor of a block of flats to a ground floor duplex. Much better for dad and mum has found her nirvana. We’d only been there ten minutes and she knew about five people. By the time the evening was drawing in, we’d been invited to drinks and to Christmas carols! Amazing woman.

But to return to the move…it was a very hot day. A disgustingly hot day. A melting-Gaz type of day. To say I didn’t like it would be an understatement. I guess you get the idea.

Bob turned up in the world’s biggest van and manfully reversed it into the parking area at the front of the flats and we started the long, hot trudge up and down the stairs, carrying heavy objects, sweating gallons. By the end of the day, regardless of how much water I swallowed, I was a dried up husk.

I shouldn’t moan so much but, honestly, at 55 I should be directing some other poor bastard, not lugging boxes and furniture myself! I guess it’s a just recompense for my multitude of sins. I’m hoping they’re assuaged now. I don’t want to go through that again.

As bad as I make it sound, we managed it all in two trips and about four hours. Tonight I have set up all the electronic stuff (we are being forced to wait for the Internet because Telstra is plain incompetent), put together a flat pack dining table and chairs and searched for various essentials that mum packed into the ‘last box’. It seems there were about 18 of these.

Still, the bedrooms are prepared, we’ve had our fish supper (it was supposed to be three whiting with lemon and chips and six potato scallops but ended up being four whiting and lime and ten potato scallops…don’t ask me why but it may have something to do with my hair…according to mum) and I’m about ready to collapse. Mum has just yelled out that she is off to bed in 10 minutes. Sounds brilliant.

Here’s a view up the side of mum and dad’s new duplex. I’ll take some interior shots as the boxes are reduced.

Mum & Dad's new place at Kawana Island

I keep forgetting to mention a headline I spotted on a TV news ticker a while back (after the Brisbane Test, actually). It read:

Selectors uncertain about choice of Beer

It relates to the introduction of an inexperienced (in Test cricket) Australian cricketer whose surname is Beer and I have to believe that it was expressed this way on purpose.

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  1. That headline is cute! I simply love their apt, its lovely. Oh no wonder Josie is in seventh heaven nirvana! I am so happy for them! Its great that you are with them thru’ all this Gary! Golden memories how wonderful! Love reading your blog! Keep them coming nefu! Its terrific reading. I feel like I am with you all and I havent left my house! Thanks Gary its lovely. Xxxx


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