Love and Friendship

We went to the pictures tonight. Very rare. Mirinda suddenly announced she’d like to go and see the new adaptation of Jane Austen’s Lady Susan called Love and Friendship. It’s one of the books Jane wrote when she was quite young.

Before we headed off to Guildford for the early screening, we took the girls over to Frensham Little Pond (no cars this week but a few trail bikes thought it essential that they made as much noise as inhumanly possible) for a very enjoyable walk.


While the day was a bit grey, it didn’t rain at all and the pond was full of people walking dogs, children and a horse. Actually the horse had a bit of a gallop which sent Emma in pursuit. Silly dog!

Much more fun was had when the two of them met three other dogs at the waters edge and they decided it would be a good idea to dive in. Five wet and bouncy dogs. Delightful.

One of the other dogs, a large cocker-poo, did the same thing that Emma does in water – she lay down on her tummy, her legs spread out. I mentioned the fact to her owner but she wasn’t too surprised. Perhaps I’ve just been sheltered in the ways of cocker-poos.

The entire walk (ignoring the horrid trail bikes) was lovely and peaceful and the pond looked stunning.


We more or less went straight out after getting home and managed to get parked and were walking into the cinema in 20 minutes. On a Saturday night. Unheard of.

The film was hilarious. Kate Beckinsale as Lady Susan was terrific. Such brilliant delivery. Actually, the entire cast was superb. I really loved Tom Bennett as Sir James Martin. His sudden discovery of green peas was particularly funny.

My only problem was the actual cinema. It was very small and the sound needed to be turned up. It felt like we could easily have been in a big shed watching a big screen TV with a fairly decent sound system rather than at a proper cinema. A shame. Still, the film was excellent and I recommend it to anyone who loves period comedy. Jane shines again.

Because it was an early session, we stopped at Pizza Express for dinner on the way home. Mirinda had chosen the film, so dinner was my choice. Obviously.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I would have guessed that as you always pick Pizza. The film sounds really good if it comes out here ask one of the girls to come with me Lorna isn;t into period stuff. Maybe a lot of people read your write up in the local paper about all the cars and bikes I take it there was not so many.
    Love mum xxxxxx


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