The beautiful window

Sadly there wasn’t really any sun today. In fact it pretty much rained for all of it. Even so, our beautiful new stained glass window sill managed to glow with life.

I felt very sorry for John. He came over with Amanda to install it. Amanda made it. That sounds way too minor a role. Amanda created it. And she did an excellent job.

The two of them worked outside in the rain, removing the frame from the old, boring opaque double glazed unit before the three of us manhandled the new window into place.

While removing the frame was a bit of a pain, it was nowhere near as bad as putting it back on.

One of the lengths of aluminium somehow managed to get a slight bow in it so that every time John bashed it in on one side, it popped out the other.

It wasn’t until he swapped the top and bottom lengths that it finally worked.

And so, finally, there it was. Glorious, beautiful, gorgeous…everything we’d hoped it would be and more. And more.

The Avenue of Trees in glass.


Amanda photographs her work

Thank you Amanda, we love it. And now the extension is finally finished.

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2 Responses to The beautiful window

  1. mirinda says:

    That’s true – it is the final stage of the extension. Amanda is an artist – she paints with stained glass and the individual pieces of glass are themselves interesting and beautiful. Amanda has even signed it!

  2. Mum Cook says:

    It looks so lovely even in a photo Amanda did a wonderful piece of art cant wait to see it for real.
    Love mum xxxx


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