Suzy goes to Fagan Park

A very warm day indeed! According to the, clearly inaccurate, wall thermometer at Castle Hill, it was 36 degrees at about 5pm. It certainly felt like it! According to the, clearly more reliable, weather on channel 7, it reached 29 in Sydney and 31 in the suburbs.

The day started very pleasantly with our usual coffee/tea and breaky on the verandah, watching the duckling family go about their learning to fly routine. It was very tiring. Eventually the ducklings curled themselves up together and the parents went off to do whatever parents do when the kids are asleep.

We spotted a rozella being a bit odd. It sat in the incomplete fountain and drank the manky water. This made it go a bit mad. Mirinda walked passed it, very closely and all it did was stare at her as if from deep within a drug induced miasma. I managed to get close enough for this photo.

Junkie bird

It looks clearly demented and positively evil. I didn’t want to get any closer for fear it would steal the camera to sell for more drugs.

In the early afternoon I was finally introduced to Fagan Park, a lovely expanse of managed parkland not far from Dural. Hornsby Council has a page about it here. It was originally the property of Brian Fagan who, having no children of his own, donated it to the NSW government in 1980. His original homestead is still there and open to the public on Sundays and Tuesdays.

The park has been divided up into different areas. There’s a North American garden, an African one, a Japanese and a Chinese garden, etc. Each of the gardens has a structure of some kind denoting the region as well as plants and design. It’s all very lovely and easy to walk through. A favourite is the North American garden with it’s cute house which looks like a full size dolls house. I liked the Dutch garden with it’s windmill.

The Dutch Garden at Fagan Park

We wandered around everything and through the wonderful Carrs Bush (they left the apostrophe off Carrs, not me), one of the last remaining bits of Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest. There’s a lovely brochure on Carrs Bush here.

We both enjoyed the park heaps (it reminded us a bit of Farnham Park though clearly hotter and without any snow) but not as much as Suzy! Here she is taking Mirinda for a walk through the park.

Suzy takes Mirinda for a walk

Back at Dural we jumped into the pool for a wonderful temperature reducing swim.

Medical updates

Dad was unexpectedly released from the hospital yesterday and is now chilling at Tracey & Bob’s place.

Claire managed to go most of yesterday without the respirator and was breathing on her own. The doctors seem to think she may soon leave ICU for a normal ward.

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