It’s moving!

Last night I asked Mirinda to choose a cake for her birthday. I gave her the Alice in Bakingland recipe book and she chose two. One was full of coconut and sounded delicious but the one she decided on was the hummingbird cake.

Given her birthday is on Monday we figured it made more sense to start eating the cake tonight, otherwise I’d be eating it all week…which defeats the purpose really.

So I made her the hummingbird cake. It’s full of mashed banana, crushed pineapple and passionfruit pulp with a carrot cake type frosting. It promises to be delicious.

The course of true cake, however, died not run smooth. I’d unknowingly run out of vegetable oil and had to run down to the little shop for some. Then, mere hours later, I realised I’d run out of icing sugar. Back to the shop I ran.

Mirinda said I’m lucky the shop is so close. I said she was the one who was lucky given it’s her cake.

It took ages to cool enough for the frosting but, eventually, it was finished and I was quite pleased with it.


I was particularly happy with the frosting. I’m usually not a fan of frosting because it’s generally to sweet for me, but this one is not too bad…even with the passionfruit on top.

And Mirinda pronounced it delicious and ridiculously moist. In the end that’s all that matters.


The funniest thing happened this morning. I was in Starbucks when a guy suddenly ran in and up to a woman with a pram and a couple of kids. The woman looked up at him, expectantly but he shook his head and said he hadn’t found it. The woman looked down at her phone. He asked her where it was. She said it was on the move.

Then, suddenly she became all animated, squealing that it was coming right at them. Suddenly a woman came into Starbucks holding an iPhone. She asked the guy if it was his. There was a lot of general happiness. The guy had left the phone on the counter of her shop and his wife had been trying to find it via the iPhone app I use when Mirinda loses hers. It worked very well though it would have been funny if someone had stolen it then walked into Starbucks without realising the owner was somewhere very near…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Wow what a cake wish i could have some so she had a great birthday all together with pressy’s cake and tex’s. I was sitting here laughing .
    Love mum xxxxx

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