Tummy cooling

Not a lot to report today as housework was pretty much the order. Given it was such a glorious day, I opened the big doors and did a bit of a Spring clean.

Apart from shopping, I only left the house to take the girls for a walk.


Emma has this thing where she lies down in puddles after chasing the tennis ball for any length of time. It’s quite irritating when the puddle is mostly mud.

I think she’s cooling down her tummy. Why her tummy would get overheated from chasing a tennis ball is anyone’s guess.


Crazy dog.

Mirinda came home tonight. Her health is much improved but the last vestiges of her cold are clinging like drowning humans ignoring an ever rising sea level.

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1 Response to Tummy cooling

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well I have heard about colds before but that is over the top Gary Charles hahaha. has she found out her mystery texer yet you were telling me about. Dogs just like muddy water.
    love mum xxx

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