Emma at 200

In 1816 Jane Austen finished writing Emma and it was published. In 2016 Chawton House Library celebrated the book’s 200th birthday. This afternoon we visited, between storms.

The weather was the main topic of conversation today as we were lashed by heavy rain one moment then bathed in cloudless skies the next. Sitting in the extension, safe and dry, we watched as things changed around us.

We’d planned to head to Chawton but decided to let the weather decide given we’d have to walk up the long drive to get to the house.

Being Easter Sunday, we celebrated with a special egg breakfast, an Easter egg and Mirinda Skyped with Bob.

Then, after lunch, we nailed ourselves to the sticking post and went for it. I reasoned that if we pulled up at Chawton and the rain was pouring down, we could just drive home again. As it turned out this was not the case.


In fact, the weather was decidedly pleasant for our visit.

In fact, the whole visit was pleasant if I ignore the pompous ass pushing his granny around the decidedly wheelchair unfriendly house.

It’s always lovely visiting the Knight house, especially given Mirinda goes there once a month. Visits give me a glimpse into her book group days.


After a lovely wander we had a cup of tea and Victoria sponge before heading outside for Max and then home. (I noted there weren’t a lot of people outside the tea room today. The woman in the gift shop pointed out a big pile of unmelted hail by the back door which could explain the lack of al fresco diners.)


Outside Chawton House tea room

Back at home we decided to push our luck with the weather so we could take the girls for a much desired walk in the park.

While there, Freya meet a little girl called Freya who desperately wants a puppy. She was forcing her mother to stop at every dog so she could say hello. The mother told us she was convinced but Freya had to convince her father.


As we made our way back to the house, the rain returned, lashing at our backs, pushing us home, saturating us. Not the dogs though because they were already wringing wet. And excessively muddy.

Emma has a habit of bashing Freya with her front paws when they play. Normally this is fine but when it’s wet and muddy poor Freya comes home covered in footprints.

Why did we get a white dog?

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2 Responses to Emma at 200

  1. mirinda says:

    she is not white – she’s champagne and strawberry

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Yes I remember walking up that long drive, wish you had taking a pick of Freya covered in muddy paws. Fancy Emma being 200 years, yours wont last as long.
    Love mum xx

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