Fair weather weeding

Mirinda’s spot of weeding yesterday was merely the preface. Today I went in and almost finished chapter one.

By late afternoon the Crazy Bed was looking a lot better with patches of earth between the plants rather than clumps of noxious invaders. I would have finished it but I had a rather urgent job to do for U3A on their website.

Speaking of my office…sort of…I’m pleased to say the daffodils appear to have survived the ridiculously topsy turvy Christmas weather.


They’re not as tall as usual but just as bright. Nothing from the tulips yet but fingers crossed…

After lunch, we went to the park for a good romp over the hills and round the Queen’s Bottom. There was a chill wind blowing (it was from the North Sea…or so I heard on Radio 4) but otherwise the weather was gorgeous.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, Emma runs around like a lunatic on our walks. She spends almost all of her time chasing a tennis ball. She occasionally needs a rest and prefers lying in the shade. At one stage today I lost sight of her for a moment. Then I found her.


She was under a bench. You can always tell how worn out she is by the length of her tongue.

Freya, on the other hand, waits till we get home to have her rest. She prefers to sit on top of the bench rather than under it.


After dinner I actually managed to do some work on my book.

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  1. mum cook says:

    I wrote this once when I went back it had gone, the Daffs look lovely lets hope the Tulips are as lovely. Poor Emma she looks worn out where as Freya looks rested.
    love mum xx

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