Hankley and tacos

Here’s my weekly Deer’s Leap update photo:

Deer's Leap watch

Deer’s Leap watch

Following Freya’s very naughty trip to the table yesterday, Emma went one step further today.

Tonight was Taco Night. Fortunately we’d finished dinner and were sitting watching the TV. Suddenly I heard the unmistakable tinkle tinkle of a metal dog tag against a ceramic bowl. Emma was not just on the table, she was licking the bowl the mince had been in.

I yelled at her. She knew she was doing wrong because rather than step down delicately onto the chair to get off, she leapt straight to the floor.

I gave her a right telling off, even going so far as to tap her nose. She really, really knew she was in trouble. She went and laid on the lounge, sulking while staring at me beseechingly.

It was difficult staying mad at her but I managed it for about half an hour. She is really not used to being told off.

And she’d had such a lovely run all over Hankley after lunch.



It was a glorious day, perfect for a jolly good ramble around the heather. The two dogs took full advantage of the weather, running, chasing, crashing, saying hello, etc. All those great doggie things they do so well.

More Hankley

More Hankley

It really was a lovely Sunday. Mirinda even did some weeding.

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  1. Jub says:

    Oh dear poor Emma, but you have to be stern to teach her, how was Emma when you told her off,and its a wonder she didn’t hurt her self jumping of the table.
    love mum xx

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