Emma acrobaticals

Mirinda and I have started swapping our daily unexpected things recently. Mine for today was a reminder not to judge books by their covers.

There’s a woman I see most mornings when I’m walking into town. She has a daughter who she walks to school. I’d say the daughter is about 7 or 8.

The woman dresses well and quite conservatively. She always looks a bit grim and never says good morning to anyone. (At first I thought it was just me but I’ve watched her ignore other people as well.)

This morning, as I entered Park Lane, returning from shopping, she passed me. I can only assume she’d been to the gym after dropping her daughter off because she was wearing black leggings and a fleece while carrying a child’s metal scooter.

While her attire was a little unusual (for her) the really unexpected thing was her putting the scooter down, climbing aboard and heading off along the park path. I almost expected her to whoop for joy.

There was definitely a few whoops of joy (which I’ve always thought sounds like Joy unexpectedly dropped something) after lunch when we headed into the park.

Farnham Park Tree of Interest

Farnham Park Tree of Interest

We decided to visit the Queen’s Bottom today, specifically so Emma could have a good chase of her ball…which she did. And I noticed something. If you throw the ball (with the Flicka-Stik, naturally) so that it lands just in front of her with a big bounce, she will leap up, in an attempt to catch it.

She tries to look lithe and balletic but, sadly, she is about as balletic as an elephant and as lithe as a coconut.

She never manages to catch the ball because it’s long gone passed her by the time her acrobatics are over and she’s back on her feet searching everywhere for it.

The brown blob is Emma

The brown blob is Emma

On the way back home, the Avenue of Trees looked inviting…though the mud isn’t obvious in this photo.

The white blob is Freya

The white blob is Freya

Back in the house and mid-chore, I stopped to listen to the announcement about the discovery of the gravitational waves (Einstein was right…again). I was soon joined by the dogs. Emma sometimes likes to get quite close.


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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Well if that is doing chores I will have some lol the Avenue of trees still look great and maybe she saves all her joy up for her daughters scooter. good on her.
    love mum


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