Heathrow terminal 4

This morning I went to Heathrow to meet an Etihad plane.


The coach ride in was remarkably smooth and, surprisingly quick. In fact, the Heathrow app on my phone was telling me their plane was going to land an hour early so I frantically sent a text to Trace.

We then pulled into terminal 5 after only half an hour driving. I was then at terminal 4 with plenty of time. As it turned out I had more than I thought.

I then stood with the general melee that gathers at the arrivals area. This melee included posters, banners, a group of people singing happy birthday to some poor passenger and two Shumanians with oversized heads.

The plan had been to meet up and sit with a coffee for a chat before we left for Farnham in Carol’s cab and Denise and Trace headed into London for the night. All very relaxed and civilised.

However, there were problems with mum being in a wheelchair and then getting someone to push it. Eventually Denise pushed it while pulling her wheelie bag. This is no mean feat and it does take longer.

So, our meet up lasted about ten minutes which mostly consisted of me giving them their Scandinavian itinerary, shortbread and taking charge of the woman in the wheelchair.

Denise was a little bit happier than was absolutely necessary at passing her charge onto me.

Finally at home, an exhausted mum managed to stay awake til 9:30 then made her way very slowly upstairs (her knees don’t like the stairs). She was asleep in about 3 seconds.

It was quite nice when mum unpacked her incredibly heavy suitcase to reveal this.


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2 Responses to Heathrow terminal 4

  1. Mirinda says:

    A wheelchair is a great cover for a tim tam trafficker

  2. Josie says:

    lol that sounds good like it, Love mum xx

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