5 witches and Max

So, the sun now goes down at 4:30. Yesterday it went down an hour later. 5:30 didn’t seem quite so bad but 4:30? Feels far too early. Somehow, though, it feels about right for Halloween.

Last year I noticed that houses along our street put little pumpkins leading to their doors to indicate they were happy to chocify little ghouls and goblins. While I purchased the necessary ‘just-in-case’ Celebrations, we were shunned by the roaming groups of children. While generally quite glad, I was a bit disappointed not to get the standard visitation as I heard the shrieks up and down the streets.

This afternoon I had to journey down to the Londis for an onion and noticed a big lack of pumpkins and a couple of printed signs saying ‘No Trick or Treaters!’ boldly in pumpkin orange. I figured I’d probably get a haunting tonight. Upon hearing Mirinda’s experience earlier in the day, and wanting to make sure I was ready, I once more purchased a big container of assorted chocolates and planted them strategically on the junior Jali and waited.

At 6:30 there was a knock at the door. Of course, the poodles sprung into attack mode, their tails wagging furiously, tongues ready to lick to death any intruder. I opened the door to a group of young witches. None of them green. Sadly. They loudly threatened “Trick or Treat!” and the dogs were out and at them as I handed out chocs to them all.

They ranged in sizes and ages. The first was about 13 and the fifth was about 6. As I was about to call the evil attack poodles back inside, one of the witches said “Go on Max!” and a little chap stepped forward out of the shadows. Max was a bit shy…or was it embarrassment at having to accompany the witches? He looked about 8 and was wearing a ripped school shirt with splatters of blood on it, his face angelic and shy. I gave him an extra chocolate and a wink, saying he was lucky to be with so many pretty witches. He gave me a smile of sufferance and they all left, almost taking Carmen with them.

A little later (fortunately after The Archers) another gang of witches knocked at the door and were rewarded. Rather than a Max, this lot had a mum with them. The littlest witch was a bit scared of the poodles, particularly when an excited Carmen put her paws on the witch’s shoulders (she was quite small). Of course this made everyone laugh…except for the littlest witch who basically sobbed as she was led away.

So I’ve done my bit and spread dental decay a little further through the neighbourhood teeth. As I sit typing this I can still hear the sounds of haunting abroad. I’m glad I have the hounds to protect me.

The day was far too awful for any nice photos of the park or the garden so, having thrown myself into cleaning up my study, I present the evidence that there is, in fact, a desk. I think it’s pretty close to pristine. Which is what I promised Mirinda.

My (almost) empty desk

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Living in a unit that is one thing you don’t get, Witches knocking at the door. Sometimes it’s nice to see all these little faces looking up at you. Glad you did it. And your desk looks very clean and tidy. Love mum

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