Autumn leaves

The season has definitely changed. It was very cold this morning, walking Mirinda to the station. Not that I’ve stopped wearing shorts, though if what I heard this morning is true, I won’t be for long.

Apparently, one of the Sunday tabloids had a headline stating that we will be getting snow for three months this year, starting in December and not leaving us until March. There is even some evidence to suggest it might start in November. And, if I’m being honest, it felt like snow while we were walking in the Park after lunch.

However, before anyone starts freaking out, imagining a Britain blanketed with 20 feet of snow making life impossible and killing all the robins, the Met Office has released a statement saying it’s not going to happen…probably. The temperature is not particularly cold for this time of year and there’s no likelihood of rain which you need in order to get snow. And, the reason it felt so cold in the Park is because of a persistent easterly breeze blowing at the moment.

Regardless of all that, the weather has turned particularly Autumnal with trees changing colour almost while you watch.

Avenue of Trees - Autumn 2015

Avenue of Trees – Autumn 2015

Our cherry is pretty much as red as it gets and the beech is shedding like a German shepherd in a stiff breeze. And, of course, my almost continuous task of topping up the leaf trap is well and truly underway.

The leaves up in the Park have started to form a brown carpet of coverage. As they fall from the trees at the merest whiff of a breeze, Freya pounces on them, trying to work out how they were so active and yet so still. When I say ‘pounce’ I really mean it. She launches herself into the air using all four paws and lands on whatever her target is, rendering it powerless to escape…Though she sometimes overestimates her powers of physical control.

Today we were walking down, around Badger Wood when Freya disappeared around a corner. Emma was chasing her tennis ball and Day-z was with me. I wasn’t worried, all I have to do is whistle and she’ll come running back, ears flapping in joy and delight. As I rounded the corner I was in time to see a chap holding her in the air laughing as she wriggled, her tail spinning like a propeller.

He was having a rest with his three mates, their bikes lying on their sides. His mates were on a bench but he had thought it more comfortable to lie on the grass. As I explained to him, Freya saw anything lying on the grass as fair game. He didn’t mind and, in fact, encouraged her to jump on him again. I did say it was quite good she wasn’t a German shepherd.

Freya has to be the friendliest dog we’ve ever had. She loves everyone, human or dog, and always wants to run off and say hello. Fortunately, she’s extremely cute. Though I do worry she’ll just jump into someone’s handbag and be carried away.

Farnham Park - Autumn 2015

Farnham Park – Autumn 2015

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    As I said on Tuesday he loved it its nice to see people being nice to animals.
    Getting excited about Portsmonth.
    Love mum xx

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