Football: It’s cruel sometimes

We had a lovely Nicktor night spent watching The Usual Suspects (Nicktor had never seen it and loved it) and The Business (a Brit gangster film we’d never heard of but was ok and had an excellent 80s soundtrack).

Next door (not the Crazies, but the other side) had the daughter’s usual birthday party which always ends with fireworks, so I knew the dogs would get spooked. Nicktor was amazed. Apparently Basil & Polly just bark at them. I had both Carmen and Day-z pressed hard up against me, making me pat and calm them. They kept this up all the time the fireworks were going on and for quite a while afterwards. Eventually Carmen moved but only as far as the back of the lounge and within patting range.

Of course, being a party, they played music (the Triumphal March from Aida for the fireworks – a bit posh!) which inspired us to spin a few metaphorical disks ourselves. We sang on into the night, long after the party fiends had left. We battered Bat Out of Hell, stunned Stairway to Heaven, wallowed in Wish You Were Here. It was gloriously tuneless and lots of fun. We even had a go at out-ruining Sid Vicious’s version of My Way using candlesticks for microphones.

When parting this morning, Nicktor suggested we go to the Aldershot game at the Rec. We would be properly chaperoned by the boys so there’d be no beer or terraces. Pity. It may have been helped with a few pints.

James brought his mate Harry along, who is one crazy kid! A real card. Poor Nicktor had no idea what he was saying half the time. I thought he was very funny. Cracked me up, anyway. However, as for the game…

The ref was a bit sloppy and inconsistent, if you ask me. He sent two of our players off and didn’t send off a Bury player for a worse foul on one of our players. He also sent our manager to the stands but this decision he managed to get right.

Still, although we lost 3-1, we were playing with only 9 men and fought to the bitter end. The last few games I’ve been to, Aldershot have not played very well but today they should be proud.

I took the poodles up to the park between showers today. It was one of those odd cloudless raining days. The kind where everything is sun drenched with streaks of rain falling through it. Quite odd but, thankfully, not heavy. I took a few photos to show the real autumn colours we are getting now.

I’m quite pleased with this one:

Farnham Park in autumn

This is the cherry tree in our back garden. Every time the sun hits the leaves, they are like fire. Gorgeous.

Our cherry tree

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One Response to Football: It’s cruel sometimes

  1. Mirinda says:

    Wow both the cherry tree and the park look amazing. I don’t remember it being that brightly coloured last year.
    However the pik I’d pay big bucks to see is you and N singing into candlesticks ….

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