Monday in London

Mirinda had Book Group today so I travelled up to Canary Wharf to clean the flat. She was involved in a bit of a race to finish the book (something dull about Brazil in the early 19th century) but managed at the last hour. I think it’s always better to be able to discuss something you’ve read though I rarely do it myself.

The trip into town was delightfully free from problems. In fact, I overheard a conversation between two chaps and, rather than annoy me (as per normal) it was quite interesting.

They were clearly old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a while. They were both on their way to work and exchanged a few words on what they’d been doing with their lives since they’d last met. One of them said he was working a contract in a comms firm, which is a long way from interesting, but the other guy said he was renovating Dutch barges in Canary Wharf. He would travel up on a Monday morning and stay on the barge he was renovating, returning on Friday night after work.

He said they were ‘high-end holiday rentals’ and, I assume, not his. I have to say, it sounds like a pretty cool job. His friend thought so too.

The flat cleaning wasn’t particularly arduous though it could have been a bit longer than usual. While buying a few cleaning products, Ayesha in the shop downstairs said she’d give me the key to her flat so I could give it a clean for her.

“The bathroom skirting board paint could do with a touch up, too,” She added.

Oh, how we laughed.

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2 Responses to Monday in London

  1. Mirinda says:

    Trust you to overhear the only conversation about boats on the train

  2. hankyoyu says:

    You should have asked, how do I rent one haha. I did the same thing with the guy that was painting the seats outside the Library, he said yes if I liked to get my patio table and chairs down to him, can you just see your mother staggering down to the Library with them.
    Love mum xx


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