There is no way you’re welcome

The weather was decidedly beautiful today so we decided to take advantage of it and head to Frensham Little Pond for a walk. Unfortunately thousands of other people had the same idea. It was rather late in the day and it was a Sunday but, never-the-less, the carparks were full, cars lined the country roads and there was a lot of ducking and diving into passing places.

All of this traffic related stress was enough to put Mirinda off walking at Frensham. I think the final straw was a very rude woman who decided she’d been somehow deeply insulted because Mirinda hadn’t acknowledged the fact that this woman had moved into a passing place in order for us to go by. Her window was open and she spat the words “You’re welcome” in a tone that implied we were nothing of the kind. As Mirinda said to me as we drove away “What is the point in being rude about a perceived rudeness? Surely that’s just multiplying the rudeness.”

Anyway, if you consider the fact that we mostly walk in order to isolate us from the stress of everyday life and unnecessarily rude drivers, we decided to keep driving and head for Farnham Heath.

Last year, when we were staying at Frensham, Day-z and I walked in Farnham Heath almost every day and it was a bit like coming home.

We parked in the Rural Life Museum carpark and headed into the heathland. There was a vintage car show on at the museum and the little engine Emmet was under steam for the first time. For me, rather than ever. I’m sure it’s under steam a lot on big days given there’s a small station and a track laid through the outdoor museum. Still, I’ve never seen it puffing along. It was quite exciting. Not that we were visiting the museum so we spotted it in passing.


The heath was beautiful and pretty close to empty. The people we did see were pleasant and most of them had dogs. It made for a delightful walk and the dogs were well pleased.

And we had lamb and apricot tagine for dinner and I made shortbread. A perfect Sunday…well, apart from the incredibly rude woman.

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2 Responses to There is no way you’re welcome

  1. Mirinda says:

    And I used the flexi ball thrower for the first time and Emma lost her pink ball

  2. hankyoyu says:

    I don’t understand either why people have to be rude good it didn’t spoil your day.
    you will have to get her a new one. Love mum xx

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