Early Christmas lunch

Back when Karen wrote to say she was coming over, we planned for her to have lunch with us today. I gave her the choice of meal. She chose turkey with cranberry sauce. For dessert, she chose elderflower mousse. I have been trying to source fresh cranberries and turkey ever since.

That’s a slight exaggeration, I found both last week. Waitrose stock both (albeit frozen) so it wasn’t any sort of problem. Of course, the bread sauce wasn’t a problem given that bread, onion and cloves are never out of season.

While the house smelled like Christmas, apart from the turkey and trimmings, it was just a normal Sunday roast but with a guest.

Of course the trains were acting up, as if they knew they were transporting an Australian into the darkest reaches of Surrey and wanted to prove to her that British trains are crap. It worked. Still, she arrived eventually and Mirinda drove up to the station with Max and collected her while I slaved in the kitchen.

Lunch was enjoyed by all – the turkey was decidedly moist and delicious.

Of course, I let Karen have the comfy chair

Of course, I let Karen have the comfy chair

Then we celebrated by going for a round the park walk with the dogs. In deference to Karen’s choice of footwear, we stuck to the all-weather path, except for the obligatory Avenue of Trees photo, of course.

The full versions of both these photos are on Flickr

The full versions of both these photos are on Flickr

It was a lovely day where Karen admirably pretended to like the dogs, admiring the latest additions (she’s never met Emma, let alone Freya) and almost patting Day-z.

And, as if South West Trains realised she’d had enough, Karen’s train journey back into town was uneventful and took as long as advertised.

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2 Responses to Early Christmas lunch

  1. hankyoyu says:

    Poor Karen if the trains take that long but so long as she did get there. Your dinner look great on the plate.
    Love mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Happy Christmas lite lunch!

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