Bugger this bug!

The diarrhoea remains. This morning I spent about an hour on the toilet before taking two of the magic pills. I wouldn’t have bothered but I had an early Talking Newspaper this morning and wanted to reserve them for when I left.

They managed to protect me for the whole day. (These pills really are something!) When you’re going to be stuck in a recording studio for a few hours, pill protection is a bit of a necessity.

Digestive irregularities aside, it was a very enjoyable Talking Newspaper today. There was a lot of laughter and we managed to get through without any fuss or problems. We handed over the studio to the next group and I walked home.

Of course, taking these pills makes me, in effect, constipated. At least one doesn’t need a toilet for that. Though I could do without the constant feeling that I need to go.

Today was going to be the day that Uncle Les and Alick were due to visit. I was meeting them at Farnham Station and we were going to pub crawl back to the house, have dinner and they were to stay the night and come in with me in the morning. An added bonus would be that Mirinda would be home.

Sadly, Uncle Les mixed his dates up so, instead, I walked home alone, without visiting any pubs (to be honest I don’t think I’d have been indulging that much given the delicate state of my digestive tract) and spent the night with Mirinda and the puppies.

Speaking of Freya…her toilet training continues and appears to be having no effect whatsoever.

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2 Responses to Bugger this bug!

  1. hankyoyu says:

    That a shame about not meeting your Uncle and Cousin do hope you do, did you tell him Michael leaves Wednesday. You had better get some more pills.
    Love mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Way too much information …,

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