Tummy bug

The bloody rain continues and the pathogens have moved to my lower intestine. That’s right, I have been inflicted with diarrhoea.

Not only that but, in an effort to keep me from getting bored, Mirinda has asked me to help build her Corpus. That’s Corpus as in a collection rather than Christi, the college. This part of her DBA requires her to scan through a few billion articles on a particular subject and run some stats to discover oft-used terms. It’s sort like the Thought Police but nicer.

My newspaper is the Guardian, a paper which appears to be rather anti-private HE provider. This I find quite odd. I mean surely newspapers just print the news without taking sides. Isn’t that what newspapers do? Next thing you know, they’ll be listening to our phone conversations.

Anyway, it’s a bit of fun and takes my mind of my gradually worsening colon situation.

Damn you, Jack Bauer!

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1 Response to Tummy bug

  1. hankyoyu says:

    Stop blaming Jack Bauer.
    Love mum xx


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