3 dimensions

It seems like Tom has turned a bit of a corner. Sadly that’s not for vegetables. I’m surprised he doesn’t have scurvy. Mind you, he does drink them in his Nutrablast so that’ll protect him from the ravages of every vitamin deficiency.

And before I forget, in my eagerness to discuss the actual corner he has turned…I’ve discussed before how he has to be one of the only children not to have dessert. Seriously. I only ever make three when Sophie comes over because Tom has never had one. He’s a total savoury kid. More surprising, perhaps, is his preference for fish. He had two choices for lunch today. I was going to make tuna steaks on rice and pak choy or, if he’d prefer, tacos.

I’m fairly certain most kids would go for the tacos. Not only do they taste great, they can also be very messy and you get to use your fingers. But no, Tom preferred the fish. Naturally he didn’t eat the pak choy and he tried to pick the peas out of the rice but the fish was completely devoured. He also completely ate the scallops I made for entree.

But that wasn’t the corner either. No, the corner I am talking about in my usual rambling way is the fact that today marked the first time we’ve watched a live action movie together. Whenever he visits, he brings a movie from his collection which he reckons I’ll laugh at…a lot. Up until today, it’s always been animated (Megamind remains our favourite) but that has all changed. Today’s viewing pleasure was given over to Johnny English, a very silly spy spoof starring Rowan Atkinson, John Malkovich, Ben Miller (who you may remember from Death in Paradise) and a less than convincing Natalie Imbruglia.

(Who on earth told Natalie Imbruglia she could act? Whoever it was deserves to be convicted of crimes against humanity…and entertainment.)

While we wiled away a couple of hours watching this frippery, Mirinda and Sophie went for a lovely walk around Frensham with the girls. Sophie was amazed by how long it took with everyone who walked by taking an age to ask what breed Emma is, how old she is, what type of teddy bear she is related to, etc, etc. According to Mirinda it was no worse than normal. That’ll be three people, then. Sophie also turned her nose up at poo collection but that’s only to be expected. We ALL turn our noses up at that aspect of dog walking. That did make me wonder what she did about the guinea pigs but Mirinda assured me their poo doesn’t smell nearly as bad.

Like all good things (and bad things) the visit came to an end and they rushed off in order to catch their train and the house once more descended into peace and quiet…and cleaning.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. Looking forward to meeting them both.
    Love mum xx

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