Beautiful Farnham

The Park looked absolutely stunning today. It was a warm, glorious day and the greens were out in force.

I missed the first half of it because I was at the Talking Newspaper leading the Farnham edition. It was one of those rare times that there was only three of us. Alistair had to leave at 12 so he did his editing then left us to read.

Alistair had called to explain on Monday, getting Mirinda on the phone – I was at the doctor being told how lovely my hands are. Mirinda had told me that some grumpy old army major had called, sounding like he was still in the army. He’s about 88 so he could well have been.

Anyway, everything went fine, though it’s extraordinary how much more reading you seem to do when one of the team is absent. There wasn’t a lot of news and we were out an hour early, something the dogs were happy about without knowing it.

Before starting the housework, I took the dogs up to the Park just in time to meet Dave and Rodney. Day-z was very pleased. I’ve never seen Emma play so much. She chased Rodney then he chased her, she jumped up at his face and enjoyed herself for the entire walk. She ran around so much that she just collapsed when we arrived back at home.

The rest of the day was spent in and around the house, generally tidying up, while listening to play of the first day of the first test between England and New Zealand at Lords. Given I’m going tomorrow, I thought it important to know what happened today.

England started badly with the bat then Joe Root saved them with an excellent 98. As Geoff Boycott said, it’s not the score just before lunch, it’s the score at stumps that counts.

New Zealand took a wicket with the last ball of the day, which was quite exciting. The umpire was asked to check it out by the batsman. By the time he gave him out, everyone else had left the pitch and the poor umpire was alone, pointing at the invisible batsman.

After dinner I relaxed in front of the television, enjoying Bob’s favourite movie. World War Z is about zombies and how Brad Pitt almost single handedly, saved mankind. What a guy. While not a classic movie in any sense of the word, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good, rollicking adventure story with some amazing special effects. Thanks for the recommendation, Bob.

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  1. Mum says:

    Well what a lovely play date for the dogs and company for you as well. Haven’t heard any cricket as yet so cant comment but will keep ears peeled.
    Love mum xx


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