Reading, walking and digging

Once a month, the Talking Newspaper produces a magazine version of the recording. It features articles from various local publications which are longer and more detailed than the usual news reports and cake decorating reports. The Readers are always Presenters and the Presenters are one of four of the older ones.

I always enjoy the Magazine, mainly because, as Reader, there’s no organising. The Presenter prepares everything, even the editing, and it’s all ready for reading when you arrive.

What I enjoy most is the fact that the articles are longer and more interesting; things one can get one’s teeth into.

I was rostered on for the Magazine this morning (it’s usually recorded on a Monday but, because of Easter, this edition was on a Tuesday) so, having walked Mirinda to the station, I walked over to the studio. The day was beautiful and the crane standing in the middle of the new retirement complex (where once the Police Station stood) looked quite dominant.

Big crane in Farnham

Big crane in Little Farnham

Mary was our Presenter today and I was reading alongside Tony. I had some lovely stories and it all flowed beautifully (ignoring the engineer who flatly refused to make any changes after the recording and, frankly, unsuccessfully, tried to ruin our enjoyment). We finished nice and early and I left for the shops then home.

After lunch, we went to the Park for a lovely walk. There was a lot of other people doing the same thing and the Park had a good feeling of community with dogs, kids and walkers all saying hello with smiles.

What have you found, Emma?

What have you found, Emma?

The Avenue of Trees looked beautiful to the point that it was hard to imagine that a mere few weeks ago, the path was an impassable quagmire.

The Avenue in Spring

The Avenue in Spring

After our walk we went to the vet for Emma’s check up on her tooth from last week. The nurse was delighted with her progress and, after removing Day-z’s ‘claw’, we were soon on our way home.

I then had a rather intense hour of trying to plant a couple of box balls. The second one was easy but the spot chosen to plant the first one was directly above the old path (which still exists under the Chutney Bed). Armed with hammer and cold chisel, I hacked away at the concrete, brick and, finally, membrane until I’d made a hole big enough for the root ball to go in. It was like I’d uncovered a Roman wall foundation and was intent on extracting it.

Chris the Gardener is coming tomorrow to start re-turfing the grass patch up the back of the garden so I spent the last dying rays of the day, clearing everything off the grass.

It was a long day but I really felt I’d accomplished something by the time it finished.

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  1. Mum says:

    yes it was a long day but interesting not surprised you where tired.
    love mum xx


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