The Wedding of Julie and Les

My brother and his partner are not the conventional type of people.  They met at a Hippie commune 23 years ago.

They moved to Mitchell Island on a 20 acre property where they grew and sold Kangaroo-paw and the Christmas bush.

They have two children, Beth and Alick together and Les has Joanne from his first marriage and Julie has Rick and Jess with hers.  They all lived there till Joanne, Rick and Jess got older and left the nest. It has now been 21 years they have lived there so they thought, why not get married!!!

So, one year ago the planning started as Les wanted as many of his family to come as possible, and as we are all over the world, it had to start early. Out went the invitations 10 months ahead and everyone started saving and booking planes.  We had cousins and friends from England, a sister and family from America and brother’s family, sister’s family and cousins from different States, plus all Julie’s side from Penrith NSW and they had friends from the Island – all together 122 people.

Some of us got there Friday and the rest, who live closer, Saturday.   We had a ball on the Friday as some had not seen each other for 10 years and had a lot of catching up to do.  It was all very noisy but fun.  Some of us stayed at the house and others went to the motel 4k down the road.

Woke up to rain but it cleared by lunch time and we all congregated at the house by 2pm for the wedding at 3.  We were taking heaps of photos of each other as if it was the last time we will meet (for some it may be).

Then we all walked down the track outside of the house to a sort of paddock, where Les had set up an archway of flowers.   It looked lovely.  We had a drink and nibbles then the celebrant arrived.  She was very bossy but it was hard to hear when everyone was talking.

At 5 to 3 the music started.  Not the wedding march but Fred singing Everybody loves Somebody Sometime!  Then as the bridesmaids started down the stairs, Tracey was singing Chapel of Love.  And when Les and Julie came out Denise sang Blue Bayou.

The bridesmaids were dressed in different shades of lilac and Julie was in a long white floaty dress.  Les had on black pants, white frilly shirt and black waistcoat – all the men at the wedding were asked to wear waistcoats and the ladies hats, which made a lovely picture.

Half way through Les read a poem to Julie which was the one Fred wrote for me when we got married.  He made a great job then Julie read a poem.   Then the exchanging of the rings was a ring for Julie and an earring for Les.

Then we were asked to move along to a small table where they had a glass trumpet and bottles of sand, all different colours.  Les started pouring his in then Joanne, Rick, Jess, Beth, Alick and Julie.  I have never seen that before but as they are into all that new age stuff, it went with their kind of wedding.  The shame of it was the rain started before they had finished so we upped and went into the down stairs were we had the reception.

It used to be the place where they wrapped the flowers to send to Japan.  Les cleared it all out, added another roof and put tables and chairs there. Further in they had a kitchen where they laid food out and we helped ourselves.  It was very well organised.

The band started at 5 and they finished at 11:15 – no one wanted them to go.  They got Denise up to sing as she always does.

Fred held out very well.  He went off to bed about 10 and I went at about 11:30.  They danced all night.   It finished with the last ones going at 12:45.

Up the next day and we drove home as Bob had to go to work.  It was the long weekend in NSW but not for us, which was a shame, as it would have been nice to stay longer because we did not get to talk to all the cousins.

Hope you enjoyed our wedding Claire!  Done for you by Josie.

Filling the trumpet with sand

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  1. Claire says:

    Josie, thanks for the wedding review. What a lovely life Julie & Les have had on Mitchell Island. The wedding itself sounds delightful and looks so refreshing. I had no idea that Tracy & Denise were singers also. What an amazing family you have. What a shame we don’t all live closer. Love to you all, Claire

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