And the fence goes on

Today I uploaded our Sorrento photographs onto Flickr. I thought I’d lost them all but they turned up in one of the boxes from the lock up. The thing with Flickr is that the photos appear as you upload them and remain there until you upload some more. This is fine when you’re just putting photos up as you take them but can be a bit confusing when you’re putting up old images.

So, after putting our Sorrento photographs on Flickr, I had a comment from Dawn, assuming we were on holiday in Italy. Before I could straighten her out, she’d corrected herself, having looked at the dates of the photos. Oh, what a jolly jape!

Meanwhile, back in 2015, the fencing guys were hard at it all day. They finished all the concrete posts, bases and cross beams. As Mirinda said when she arrived home, it looks like a farm fence, meant to keep horses in/out.

Back section complete

Back section complete

It seems that this back section was the worst. It became particularly difficult when a rat scared one of the fencing guys. He came running up the path looking a bit frightened, his mate laughing at him.

It was THIS big,” He shuddered, holding his hands about a metre apart. “It came out, gave us a good look then slowly wandered off as if it didn’t care. I hate rats.

With that, and after calming himself, he decided to go out the front to put up the two whole panels there. I don’t think it was completely because of the rat. By the time he’d finished it looked like this:

Front section almost complete

Front section almost complete

The panel on the ground needs to be cut in two to fill in a small section down the side of the house. He’ll probably have to come on Saturday to finish this.

Late in the day I decided not to go to work tomorrow. Mirinda came home and will be here but I think it would be better if I was on hand for any problems as she’ll be working.

Speaking of Mirinda…she’s said that I need to work on my food presentation (she reckons the preparation is fine) so tonight I made an effort with the standard Chez Gaz pork with pear and apple sauce. I have to admit, it did look more appetising.

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  1. Mum says:

    Poor guy I don’t think i would have gone back to work. why didn’t you show the finished dinner. If you ever go in for a cooking contest that is one of the top marks,Presentation .
    love mum xx

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