Sponge and roll

I gave Mirinda a choice for our baked goods pleasure this weekend. Straight away she said she’d like a Swiss roll. Or choc chip cookies if I couldn’t find a Swiss roll tin.

I’ve never made a Swiss roll before but I found a recipe (fat free as well, which I quickly fixed by adding whipped and sweetened double cream) and purchased a Delia recommended tin at the kitchen shop. The woman at the kitchen shop, after I asked if she had a Swiss roll tin pulled out about five different ones. The minute I saw Delia’s face on one, my decision was made.

“I’ll take the Delia, thanks,” I said.
“Good choice,” She agreed.

And so, back from shopping, I set about making the sponge, baking it then rolling it into a tube. A very delicate operation! A little later I spread the raspberry jam and sweetened cream onto it and, voila, it was done.

Good enough to eat

Good enough to eat

We had a couple of slices with a cup of tea and Mirinda proclaimed it delicious. She particularly raved about the raspberry jam which, I explained, was just a Waitrose own brand.

But the day wasn’t just about baking. We took a load of rubbish up to the recycling centre and brought another load back from the lock-up. Mirinda had a good go at pretty-ing the garden up ahead of the fencing guys, then she drove off to the gym.

She also started moving linen into the new linen press, freeing up valuable pace in the bottom drawer of the monster chest of drawers in the bedroom. It feels like we’re finally getting a bit more organised.

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2 Responses to Sponge and roll

  1. Mirinda says:

    Great Swiss roll – even tastier than it looks

  2. Mum says:

    Looks yummy wanted to cut myself a slice, I thought you were going to say Mirinda swapped the linen drawers for when mum comes hahah.
    love mum xx

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