Hanging, Raking and Table

I had a rather busy day today. Unexpectedly busy.

On the way to the station, Mirinda suggested I make some sort of dent in the garden this week, possibly starting with a bit of leaf removal. Given the day was beautiful, I figured I’d start when I returned to the house. Then, as I stood waving at a departing window of the 9am train, I was suddenly rained on.

Looking up, it was as if I had my own personal rain cloud. All around me the sky was blue except for a slow moving black cloud that appeared to be about ten feet above me. Having emptied its fluffy bladder on me, it moved on for other unsuspecting (and unprotected) humans.

The weather was pretty unpredictable all day. Following Bob’s Rules of Weather Forecasting, it was almost exactly like yesterday. Rain, sun, wind, rain…not the sort of day you can plan too far ahead. Still, I found a window of sun to rake under and removed most of the magnolia leaves from around the pergola.

Before I took up arms against the garden, I had a parcel to collect from the Crazies’. I had no idea what it was. I was expecting a small table to arrive for the lounge zone but that wasn’t due until the afternoon. No sooner had I opened the front door of the house than I was back outside, heading next door.

Mrs Crazy opened the door, surrounded by half unpacked suitcases. They’d just returned from New York where it had been icy cold and snowing. We chatted a bit about the wonders of the greatest city on Earth then she handed me a long, thin parcel and a small box. I then realised what it was.

Last week I ordered a length of hanging rail from The Gallery System to put up beneath the Chutney Window. The space there was very empty and needed something to warm it up a bit. Rather than put hooks in the wall, we decided to go with the marvellous Gallery System of rail and clear hanging tape.

The perfect job for an unpredictable wet day.

After raking for about an hour, the rain forced me inside so I decided to hang the hanging system. Satisfied with the result, I then hung pictures on it. Of course, it will all change when Mirinda comes home on the weekend but that’s the beauty of the Gallery System: No configuration is permanent.

From the reserve collection

From the reserve collection

After lunch, the small coffee table arrived, packed within an inch of its life. While I didn’t have to put it together, it took about as long to unpack it. Still, it was worth it. I reckon it looks pretty cool.

Table with fluffy Emma

Table with fluffy Emma

We also wanted to get the orange one in oak (this is the green in walnut) but they’ve stopped making it. They MIGHT bring it back so I’m hoping.

It was then time to head for the park so that Emma could get covered in mud. We went via the Castle so I could get a photo of the new door. Here is what the old one looked like in 2013.



It all looks a bit sad and weather worn. The surface and fittings are lead and the paint is a bit battered about. The whole thing was ripped out, including the frame, and remade in wood, to look identical. I think they did a pretty good job.



We just managed to get back to the house before the next deluge though Emma had one of her own in the laundry sink. And, boy, did she love that.

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2 Responses to Hanging, Raking and Table

  1. Mirinda says:

    What a bold scary blue! I hope I can see through the keyhole.

    Love the image of the fluffy bladder

  2. Mum says:

    What is on the other side of the door..
    love mum xx


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