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Something I find difficult to come to terms with is why true and devout believers have such a problem with death. If they really believe there’s a better life after this one where they can rest in the bosom of whatever mythical creatures they worship then, surely, they should be happy about their friends and relatives moving there.

There was a particularly awful murder in the States this week. Three young Moslems were shot and killed by some wacko identifying as an Atheist. Beneath the story that I read most of the comments condemned him, wished for his soul to burn in hell and expressed a great sadness over the poor victims. Only a couple of them mentioned the fact that the three would be together for eternity and happy.

Does this mean that the truly devout are actually nothing of the sort? Do they really, really, really believe in life after death or is there a small part of their brain that recognises the Real World?

I recently read an excellent book called Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. It should be required reading for everyone.

And, a passing thought, if male suicide bombers are rewarded in heaven with a bunch of virgins, what do female suicide bombers get? Maybe they’re the virgins…

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