Robin killer

We have a couple of horrid rats visiting our terrace. They eat up the discarded bird food that Mirinda puts out for her feathered friends. Well, I say ‘friends’…

Today she set a rat trap and caught a robin. To say she was devestated would be an understatement. I was dispatched to dispatch the poor little thing. At least it was a quick death.

The rest of the day was a bit more cheerful and constructive than that though.

After shopping (I’m cooking Bob a fnal Chez Gaz meal tonight), Mirinda and I went up to the garden centre to buy a bit of trellis to block up Tim Alley and stop Day-z escaping again. After lunch, Mirinda and Bob headed off for the Watts’ Gallery while I put the trellis up, went down to Pets at Home for some of the dog food that Emma prefers, prep’ed for dinner and made a bit of a dent in the mountain of washing that was staring at me contemptously from the laundry basket.

Eventually they returned from their arty excursion. There was a splendid story of Bob losing Mirinda (or vice versa depending on whose version you hear) and also some art criticism from Bob, particularly on one painting of Eve eating an apple. I’d wished I’d been there and told Mirinda we must go when I get back from Queensland.

We had Joey Layer Cake for dinner followed by my very own Syllabub Marrakech before I said goodbye to Bob as I won’t see him again this trip. Tomorrow he flies off to Finland (where it’s going to be a delightful -20 degrees and covered in snow) where, hopefully, he’ll get to see the Northern Lights, ride a reindeer and build an igloo.

We watched another couple of episodes of Homeland (which has some amazing twists and turns in it) before bed.

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  1. hat says:

    Hope you enjoy Finland Bob,
    See you soon Gary Charles, love mum xx

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