Last of the Hassells

Today marked our last day seeing the Hassells before they head off for Paris. Bob had promised us all a wonderful lunch to start the new year off and a wonderful lunch we had.

We love the Savoy. The bars, the chocolate making cubicle, the 1930’s design but, most of all, the food in the grill. I even like dressing up for it (they have a dress code). We set off for London just after 1pm, tummies empty and prepared to be delighted.

We were a tad concerned we’d not find them but, surprise, surprise, they were there, waiting for us. They spent the morning riding on the Emirates Airline across the Thames, working up an appetite.

When I booked the grill a few months ago, they were full until 3:30, so it was a rather late lunch (or early dinner, or Linner as Mirinda called it). The plan had been to have a cocktail in the American Bar beforehand but the waiting time there was 30 minutes so we wandered around the museum and watched the Schumannian making chocolate delights through her little window while we waited.

Eventually we were seated at a big round table and were treated to a cornucopia of a feast. The food was excellent, the wine superb, the service excellent…everything you’d expect from the Savoy. I hope everyone else enjoyed it because I certainly did. Thank you, Bob!

(And, for the record, I had the steak tartare followed by a pork chop and ended with the creme brulee (see my review on the Scoring Creme Brulee page) and double espresso.)

Lauren putting up with me at the Savoy

Oddly, I had a phone call after the meal from Neighbour Dave. Day-z had escaped and was presently curled up on Gail’s lap, watching the TV. Dave had gone to the house and knocked on the door to make sure Emma was still there. She was sitting on the stairs as usual. Later we discovered that Day-z had escaped down the side of the house, leaping from the top level of the raised beds – no small leap I should add.

After dinner and the payment of the bill, we walked the Hassells down to Westminster Bridge, dodging the hordes of tourists taking selfies then headed along Southbank passed the Aquarium and wheel. We left them to visit the German Christmas market stalls before heading to Waterloo for the train home.

Looking up the Eye

We collected the extremely naughty Day-z, calmed down the extremely manic Emma and vowed never to eat again. At least I did. I was very, very full.

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  1. hat says:

    That a teach you don’t eat so much’ but must admit it really sounded yummy.
    Love mum x

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