Long distance attendance

Mum and dad’s anniversary party was today, and I attended.

Well, I wasn’t in Queensland, like any sensible person, eating at lunchtime and settling down to a nice long chat with family and a few (or more) beers. No, I was in my office, heater blazing out (it was below zero outside) and talking on Skype. And it was 3am.

Originally I’d intended to snooze in the lounge zone, waking up at 2:30 for a coffee but, for reasons known only to my strange brain, I worked on my blog and Flickr until the wee hours. Then I called, just as the washing up was being finished.

It looked like they all had a great time and it was very nice getting to talk to them all in the daytime…well, their daytime anyway.

But I didn’t last long. My eyes were closing and, after Tracey declared that I looked tired, I said my goodbyes and crawled into bed.

A few hours later I woke up feeling not a jot refreshed but having things that needed doing.

After the shops, I set about icing my Christmas cake. I’d wrapped it in almond paste (so much better than shop bought marzipan) on Thursday and it had dried out, ready for the royal treatment.

Now, Delia goes to great lengths, describing how to make it very smooth. It’s all very step by step in the simplest terms. Even so, no matter how many times I do it, it always ends up looking like a wind swept snow drift. Not that I care. I figure it gives it that homemade look. It now needs to wait 24 hours to set properly.

It was then time for another batch of mince pies followed by some Christmas tree shaped shortbread. I managed to wash up three times before starting to cook dinner.

A very productive day but by the time I was ready for bed, I was REALLY ready for bed.

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3 Responses to Long distance attendance

  1. hat says:

    It was a great surprise and lovely as you said it was like you were here with us me and dad loved it. I expect you were ready for bed had been a long day and very little sleep.
    love mum and dad xxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    I love the windswept look. I thought you did it deliberately.

  3. aunt says:

    Lovely to catch up on your writing Gary. I enjoyed reading about your Mum and Dads 10th Anniversary.

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