Continuing Birthday

The weather was very kind today. The almost continuous rain decided to have a day off. So, following a two hour Skype with Bob and Fiona, Mirinda declared we should go to Hankley.

One of the things we love about Hankley is the fact that hardly anyone else seems to know of its existence. We get glorious, uninterrupted views and solitary walks through the heathland. That wasn’t the case today.

Family groups were quite thick on the ground, dotted around and an annoying group of cyclists turned the ridge into a peak hour rush which the dogs had to dodge. Then, in the distance, we saw what looked like a tide of tiny ants sweeping across the bowl below the ridge.

This strange black wave was watched by a couple of dog walkers (one was in red and was easy to see). I turned my zoom lens on the scene and discovered it was a platoon of soldiers, playing war games.

Regardless, we had a lovely and, as far as Emma was concerned, exhausting walk before heading back home, where my birthday weekend continued unabated.

It’s become a tradition for Mirinda to make me a cake on my birthday (and sometimes cook me dinner). Last year we were in Beijing, which made it impossible but this year, working in my lovely big kitchen, a delicious Madeira cake was made.

Sultry chef

This was followed by my favourite Mirinda Meal, tuna casserole (with my white sauce, of course). It was all wonderfully delicious and made for a lovely kitchen break for me. I felt quite spoiled

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2 Responses to Continuing Birthday

  1. Mirinda says:

    Hankley was still utterly beautiful!

  2. hat says:

    Well arn’t you the luck fellow another birthday day, the cake looks lovely. lucky you Mirinda to get to use the kitchen, bet you had a lot of do’ and donts.
    love mum and dad xxxxx


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