War begins

The first shots were fired at Baghdad this morning. Isolated targets, apparently. The US claimed it’s not the start of hostilities. They were an attempt to kill Saddam Hussein. News was sketchy. Hussein appeared on Iraqi TV but it’s not clear whether it was live or recorded.

In yesterday’s Evening Standard there was a scary piece about the government warning us to start keeping torches, radios and batteries to hand as well as canned food and water. It stressed we shouldn’t panic. I found it quite frightening.

A glorious sunrise, war notwithstanding. Chilly but clear.

Have an idea for a book. A 72 year old sex mad old man dies during sex and is reincarnated as a baby girl called Mary (named after the virgin). I make no apologies for stealing the basic premise from Frank Herbert.

Opening sentences:

It was like I woke up…though I clearly remember dying. Vividly. Mainly because I was on the verge of an orgasm at the time. Then I’m coming out of this woman’s vagina. Pushing in then pushing out. Weird. I gotta say it.

I mean, I don’t believe in reincarnation so I don’t understand how it seems to have happened.

So, the baby takes a breath and it’s eyes try to focus while I try squinting somewhere, sort of behind.

Could write it in the third person with one chapter as the reincarnated male and the next as the just born female.

His name is Stafford Dirk, her’s is Mary Margaret Malone.

Meanwhile, in the ‘real’ world, I played games all afternoon, Scrabble and Punchafella, Oscar edition. Read by the canal for lunch as usual. Lovely.

The puppies were a bit more excited than usual; took them an age to calm down. It all started again when they were collected for the kennel.

I planted Mirinda’s sweet pea plugs, constructing pyramids from the tattered remains of the trellis. Finished in the dark.

I logged on to update my virus software and Beryl ICQ’d me, saying she had to download a scanner driver and was confused. I ran a search for her and we (I think) eventually sorted it out. Bit of luck, really, since I wasn’t online very long.

Finished watching Total Recall, a sci fi movie, which I started last night. Not too keen on the title and the end was predictable. Still, it was enjoyable escapism.

Bed about 11. Mirinda rang sometime in the night.

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