Slob day

According to Fiona, everyone needs a Slob Day every now and then. A time to just laze around, doing nothing.

Bob had one today so we decided to join him. It’s always nice to just hang around the house, particularly when the rain comes and goes and the floor tiles are beautifully heated. Time almost stands still, clothed in the luxury of inaction.

Quite apart from the Slob Day, one of us had to wait in for Tiler Mark, who was supposed to come over and talk about grout. He didn’t call, text or show up. I can’t say I was particularly surprised.

In the afternoon, we watched Contagion, a movie with an amazing cast. Beautifully made with lots of tension. The fascinating thing was how no-one looked particularly glamorous. Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jennifer Ehle, Matt Damon…all trying to survive in a world of an epidemic of biblical proportions. It was very realistic and frightening. Particularly in light of the Ebola virus threatening to seep through our thinly held borders.

The tension was excellent, the direction superb (I’m a big Soderbergh fan) and the acting very intense. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dinner was lamb chops – delicious, as usual.

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One Response to Slob day

  1. hat says:

    Well me and dad must have slob days every day of the week, apart from me doing the house work that sounds like our day unless we go shopping.
    love mum and dad xx

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