Birthday & plums

Borough Market turned 1,000 years old today. What an incredible feat…but that’s a lot of candles to cram onto a cake.

And the people of Scotland have decided to remain in the Union. As someone pointed out, other countries around the world, presently engaged in civil war, fighting against absolute rule or religious dictats, should take note. It’s pretty easy to find out what the people want in a democracy. There’s a lot less bloodshed and no chance of intervention by foreign powers and their robot planes. Mind you, it’s important to establish the fact that the majority of people know what they want. In some cases I think they must enjoy subjugation.

Meanwhile, back in my lovely, new kitchen, I was cooking up a batch of plum puffs. I ‘accidentally’ left my pastry cookbook on the breakfast bar and Mirinda had flicked through it. She complained that I hadn’t made plum puffs for a very long time. I remedied that today.


They turned out quite well and were absolutely delicious…which is the important thing, of course.

I made minty rolly chicken for dinner, something I haven’t made since we moved out of the old house. It also turned out perfectly.

We had a pretty restful day until Mirinda decided to visit the garden centre. Poor Sidney returned, her gunnels invisible under a jungle of foliage. I stacked them all on the terrace table from where Mirinda placed them, decoratively, on the raised beds.

All of the plants were evergreens (to give us winter interest in the big raised beds) and she also bought a load of bulbs for next spring. The terrace will look fantastic once they’re all planted. Mirinda just needs to do a bit of reading up to determine the best places for them to live.

Late in the day, we took the girls up to the park. Emma managed to walk the whole of the Avenue of Trees before tiring. She gets so excited with all the smells and sights. She was a bit anxious when two small dogs decided to pop over and say hello, cowering by our feet as she does. Day-z seemed to be protecting her by warning the dogs off. Mind you, Day-z warns most dogs off anyway so it might just be because we want her to protect Emma.

We had a lovely chat with the owners of the two dogs who, quite naturally, went all gooey at our little teddy bear puppy. Sue told me on Friday, when I picked them up, that a walk in the park now takes twice as long because of the number of stops of cuteness admiration inspired by little Emma. The walk time is also increased by the fact that, rather than walk in a straight line, Emma favours diagonal and sideways movement.

I reckon, in a couple of weeks, Emma will be ready for a proper walk. I’m not sure that Day-z would agree, though. Mirinda has been taking Day-z for a proper walk on Sunday’s, leaving Emma with me, and I think that Day-z enjoys the puppy respite. Pity there’s no democracy in our house.

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2 Responses to Birthday & plums

  1. hat says:

    She will grow up, then you will wish she was a puppy again.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. hat says:

    Forgot to ask if I can have one of those Plum Puffs ,look really yummy.
    love us xx


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