Mirinda had book group today so she was lucky enough to witness, first hand, the joy of having builders in the house.

Carl, unexpectedly, turned up first. He added a weather seal and strip for the laundry door. He also put the locking bar on the bathroom door. He disappeared while I was in town, buying supplies for the week. I thought it would be a nice learning experience, leaving Mirinda on her own for an hour or so.

Rich turned up at about 8:30 (before I left) to continue his painting and decorating and was quickly joined by Dave the Builder. Dave hasn’t seen Mirinda for ages so they had a bit of a catch-up, discussing the relative merits of our extension. It was all rather jolly.

Tim turned up while we were having lunch. He’d come straight from the new job at Froyle where, the news for the day was, they’d found a 50 foot well under the back patio which had stalled the builders, somewhat. Tim had a photo on his phone. A beautiful, brick lined, 18-19th century well. It will need to be filled in before the foundations can be added. I’m glad they didn’t find a well under our patio. (I wonder if it was a treacle well?)

He powered up the water feature and the spot under the beech tree, while Rich touched up the extension ceiling and painted the skirting in gloss.

Burbling away

Tim managed to finish the outside stuff but ran out of time. He’ll have to return for the several small jobs inside. Which is annoying. He blamed the well for being late which led to his lack of time.

It’s all so close to finishing. Sadly, the closer it gets, the more frustrating it is. Still, at least we now have lights outside.

The ‘Pamela’ of the title refers to the book Mirinda read for book group this month. The group was almost unanimous in finding it awful reading material. There’s a reason why it’s obscure and, virtually, unknown. Interestingly, the author, Samuel Richardson was so taken by the critical reviews of the first edition that he rewrote great swathes of it accordingly for the second. The group read the first edition.

Richardson also wrote a sequel, Pamela II but I don’t think Mirinda will be reading it any time soon.

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3 Responses to Pamela

  1. Mirinda says:

    I just want it to finish!!!!

  2. Mirinda says:

    And that applies to the house and the book….

  3. hat says:

    Yes would be good, I hate getting books like that, water feature looks good with water.
    love mum and dad xx


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