Smelly floor

The decorators turned up today and immediately started sanding and filling, painting and oiling. By the end of the day, the staircase was looking better than new as did the parquetry floor.

Here’s the thing, though. Because the final coating takes over eight hours to dry, the girls and I were banned from going upstairs. First thing, Tatt-man suggested I get anything I needed and put it in the extension. I’d be sleeping on the long lounge.

While they worked away (making an awful lot of noise) I set to finally tidying my office. This required taking everything out, sweeping it then running the steamer over the floor. The steamer managed to lift the little muddy puppy prints that dotted the bare floor, in between the piles of ‘stuff’.

Since February, my office has been the depository for anything that lost its home as the builders progressed through the house. The ‘stuff’ was increased when we returned from France and our excess luggage joined the general mess. The rest roamed the country from holiday rental to holiday rental until our fnal return when, most of it, wound up in my office.

It was getting so bad that I’d lose Emma in amongst the piles. It also reached the point when I didn’t want to go in there any more. Something had to be done. And I did it today.

By the end of the day, it was almost like a new office…well, the floor, anyway.

How can I help?

Speaking of floors, the parquetry and stairs were very smelly. I could feel the stench sticking to the inside of my throat, lining it with a foul tasting smear of grossness. I had to leave the big door open in order to battle the evil miasma. Which meant it was cold. Brilliant.

At bed time, I finally closed the doors, put the dogs in the laundry, sneaked back to the long lounge and settled down to sleep. It didn’t fool them. First it was Emma with her pipsqueak squealing then Day-z’s single, loud barks. Eventually I had to let them out to sleep with me.

This worked out fine until about 4:30am when Day-z decided to stand in the middle of the extension, barking. Not continuously, of course, but one bark every 30 seconds. I dragged myself awake and told her to shut up. This didn’t work so I opened the door and she shot out into the dark. Emma crawled up to my face, wondering what Day-z was protecting us from.

Interestingly, there was no barking outside. Day-z merely ran up to the back and…well, I don’t know what she did. Being awake anyway, I decided to take Emma outside to go the toilet, which she quickly did before running back inside. I fell back onto the lounge, knowing that Day-z would find her way back. Besides, the fumes needed dissipating.

When I woke up again (at 6am), I realised it was going to be a very sleepy day.

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2 Responses to Smelly floor

  1. hat says:

    But worth it Gary the stairs and the hall look lovely. It will be nice to go to work Friday
    love mum and dad xx

  2. hat says:

    Where is Emma sitting looks like the back of the car.
    love mum x

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