Cable biter

Jaws died today. Richard Kiel, the over seven foot tall actor with the steel teeth, nemesis of Roger Moore’s Bond and biter of cables, was 74 years old and died suddenly.

And the Stealth fire wasn’t installed today. Dave the Gasman and his side kick arrived and unloaded everything. They checked through all the parts, filling up about a quarter of the extension then stopped. Two parts were missing. Actually one was missing and another was wrong. Oh, and there was a black elbow instead of graphite.

Dave the Gasman got onto the company and talked to someone he described as ‘an idiot’ who told him he had to talk to some guy in the Netherlands because the UK company had stopped working with the manufacturers two weeks ago. The Dutch guy was very helpful and told Dave the Gasman what to do. We now have to wait for the proper and missing bits to arrive from the Netherlands.

More progress on the decorating front though. Rich the Painter was hard at it all day, glossing over yesterday’s primed undercoats, filling holes in various things (walls, doors, ceilings) and generally working pretty much non-stop.

At the end of the day it was pretty obvious that I’d contracted a cold. Mirinda was going to come home tonight and work from the house tomorrow but I warned her that she was in danger of attack from my germs. I also told her that upstairs was a bit smelly with gloss paint and wood filler. She decided on the safer option and went home to the flat.

I had an early night, hoping it would help dissipate the cold.

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  1. hat says:

    Who had the dogs, another set back!!!.
    love mum and dad xx


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