Happy Emma

Well, it seems that Emma is over her funny tummy troubles. Today she was back to her normal ways.

And we all had a lovely lazy Sunday. Mirinda Skyped Bob and Fiona as usual while I went to town to shop for this week’s roast (chicken).

After lunch we went to the garden centre and bought a water feature for the terrace. It had to stay in Sidney because it’s too heavy for me to carry on my own. I’ll get a couple of the builders to help me with it. I managed to prepare the bed for it though.

Late in the day, Mirinda took Day-z for a walk around the park while I prepared dinner.

And the roast was delicious. I managed to get the roast potatoes and parsnips perfect by using the second cooker.

All round, a perfect Sunday.

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2 Responses to Happy Emma

  1. Past Rambles says:

    Love Sundays like that. Glad to hear Emma is better but disappointed no picture 🙁

  2. hat says:

    Yes me too love to see pictures of the dogs. Great ! Emma is better.
    love mum and dad xx


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